Vietnam Tien Giang 2018 Direct Trade - RESERVED

Origin: Vietnam

Region: Mekong Delta - Tien Giang

Type: Trinatario

Year: 2018

Direct Trade

It is great to have this origin and region back.

 There is an incredible inherent sweetness to this bean.  The aromas are gardenia and very refreshing. This chocolate is high in spice, tobacco and nutty flavors. This is a big and relatively complex chocolate. It has soft fruit flavors like persimmon and guava,  earthy tones to balance but clean earthy flavors. The pronounced bitterness of Brazil nut and a walnut skin astringency is just enough to keep the fruit in check.  It ends with an extra tang of lime and caramel.

 I had the privilege to meet with the founders of Marou chocolate at Chocolate Fest 2015.   Introductions lead to conversation which lead to talk of how they got started (big surprise, it was Chocolate Alchemy) and an offer by them to help me bring in some of the beans they use.  In short, these beans are the result.  Direct trade beans grown by farmers of the Cho Gao Cooperative in the Mekong Delta here and offered to you.

These are big bold beans and have so much going on that they can handle a wide range, but fermented well enough to accept a light roast if that is to your liking.  Really, you are going to be hard pressed to mess these up.  I know that scares some people, but just do it.  You will be fine.

If in doubt, go long.  18-20 minutes in the Behmor on p1 or p2 (2 lbs).  375-400 F for 30-35 minutes in the oven also for a couple pounds.  260-270 F final temperature in a drum roaster if you have it.

I used a profile of 10:35/12:35/17:00 @ 264