Nicaragua Organic - 2013

  • Origin: Nicaragua

    Type: Trinatario

    Certifications: Organic

    Year: 2013

    Flavor Notes:

    There is an aroma of pecans when roasting, and a pleasant nuttiness in the flavor. There is a good full chocolate flavor in this bean and does not need a very long or hot roast. I have a tendency to keep roasted nibs around just for nibbling on, eating in a morning wrap or something of that ilk, and have really found I'm enjoying this one that way with it's nutty, savory overtones. As a chocolate, the nuttiness stays on, along with the richness of medjool dates, molasses and interesting tobacco (leaf not smoke) notes. A good full, balanced chocolate flavor wends it's way all through the taste and aroma, with not one aspect dominating the profile. This can make a very balanced, elegant, dynamic chocolate, with little to no bitterness or astringency.

  • This is a fine flavor grade of cocoa Trinatario from Nicaragua. It is Certified Organic and the first time I've been able to offer this origin. I included a map here mostly because it struck a chord in me as I was making the tasting notes - that being almost a cross in flavor profiles between Costa Rica and Honduras.

    The preparation on this bean is very clean and nice, and it has an interesting red tone.

  • As for roasting, it's rather hard to go wrong with this one. Follow my general guidelines, roasting until they pop over the span of 12-18 minutes and all will be good.