Mexico Chontalpa - Direct Trade - 2018

Origin: Mexico

Region: Tabasco, Chontalpa

Type:  Mix of local varietals

Certifications: Direct Trade

Harvest Year: 2018

Flavor notes:

What an interesting chocolate.  And fair warning, tt has hallmarks of a chocolate that  on the surface might not sound fantastic but somehow it all comes together in a way that IS really nice.

Sour cherry is the first impression I get in the nose.  It isn't souring cherries but that of the sour cherry fruit.  Tart with a dusting of cocoa.

If you check out the spider chart you will see it has a little bit of everything going on.  What this means is no one flavor is going to predominate. There is woody bitterness and a touch of green pepper astringency.   There are bittering almonds and that hint of sour cherry.  Sweetness is also present but doesn't show high due to the other competing flavors, yet is what wraps this whole flavor package together. 

I don't have a huge amount so do give it a try.  I think you might be nicely surprised.


Chontalpa Cocoa Beans is a mix of varieties of Criollo and Trinitario coming from the Chontalpa region in Tabasco Mexico. Come from more than 3,500 small farms supported by Maxiterra’s Cocoa Program, based on Good Agricultural Practices (GAP), Sustainability and Fairtrade thru FAO’s Farmers Field Schools model (FFS)


Cocoa beans are fermented during 3-4 days (1+1+2) in wooden and slowly sun dried to obtain 6.5%-7.5% moisture content.


Every production batch or lot number is set on the daily income of raw cocoa coming from plantations, which contains details on farmer’s name and location, volume purchased and price paid, and general data on technical assistance, training and agricultural practices executed on every farm.

With the nut component, you are not going to want to take this to a really high end of roast temperature or you are likely to make the nut bitter.  Mid 250s are fine and high 240s are ok.  That does NOT mean you have to roast it super delicate though.  2.25-3.0 minutes in the development phase will do great.  Just pull the roast when it starts to get sharp and expect it a little earlier than some beans.

In the Behmor 1600 2-2.5 lbs for 18-19 minutes is fine.  Just watch for the sharp ending.

The specific profile I used on to evaluate this is 11/13.75/17.5 @ 254 F.  I really slowed it down there at the end.