Cocoa Nibs

We offer raw (and roasted) cocoa nibs to help make those first few steps onto the path of Chocolate Alchemy a little easier. Any of the Cocoa Beans we carry can be supplied to you as unroasted cocoa nibs. Just select the “as Nibs” option in the appropriate cocoa bean of choice (not here). If you want 2 lbs, select a quantity of 2 in your cart.

We will then crack and winnow them for you and deliver to you the result. The husk that is removed is about 20-25% of the weight of the bean, so for 2 lbs of beans, you will receive about 1.5 lbs of nibs. Yes, you are paying for two pounds of beans, but not paying for the service to have them made into nibs. Fair deal we think. We hope you do to.

When your nibs arrive, you may notice that there is some husk still in with the nibs. We do our best to remove 99% of it. Since we do it by hand, 100% is not possible. Regardless, these really are intended for chocolate making, and when you grind them into nibs in your Champion, the remaining husk will form a nice filter bed, and be removed. Some beans (like Carenero and Ecuador “Nacional”), due to their irregular size and shape, will usually contain a bit more husk than other Cocoa beans.

Finally, it has been said a few times already, but the unroasted nibs are not suitable for eating as is (check out the FAQ for more information). You will still need to roast them to use them. It is as easy as toasting nuts in the oven. 250-300 F for 15-20 minutes and you are done.