Cocoa nibs - raw

For years I have offered you the choice of having your cocoa beans as whole beans or nibs. And as I explained, the price was the same, and I didn’t charge for the service. That was retail.

People have been asking for Wholesale nibs, and up to this point, I just could not offer them as I was winnowing by hand. I now have a prototype winnower, and I am going to try offering nibs wholesale.

The ‘catch’ here is that the minimum will be 10 lb, with 10 lb increments and there will be a winnowing fee included in the price. ‘Why would I by 10 lbs of nibs here, and pay a winnowing fee, if I could by 2 × 5 lbs on the Retail side and not pay a fee?’ you might ask. Well, the answer is two fold. First, you can’t but 2 × 5lb of nibs on the Retail side. I have a 5 lb maximum. Second, you will actually pay LESS here because it is wholesale and I am discounting the base price.

That said, I really like as much transparency as I can give. So here is how I am setting up the prices.

If you don’t like math or just don’t care, SKIP down to “SO HERE”S THE DEAL";

You can buy 5 lbs of Ghana ‘08 for $53.00 of whole beans, retail. Out of that, you will get between 3.75-4.0 lb of nibs. Let’s call it 3.75 lbs. So that means one pound of nibs will cost you 53.00 / 3.75 = $14.13 / lb if you do the work.

Currently if I do that for you (for free), you pay $11.25/lb and you end paying the equivalent of $15/lb. That’s retail, with me doing this for free.

Because no one that I am aware of works for free (when in business), I would need to add a $1-1.5/lb winnowing fee per pound of nibs (it varies depending how hard the bean is to winnow).

So that is $16/lb.

Well, frankly, I don’t like that figure. It’s just too expensive in my opinion.

So, I am going to discount the base price 20-40% (depending on what special pricing I already have in place). That makes the base price $6.75 /lb, the nib price $9.00/lb and the total price $10/lb. Not cheap, but as fair as I think I can make it.

I hope you find it fair also.

SO HERE"S THE DEAL. I have a 25 lb minimum here for Wholesale, but I don’t want to promise more than I can deliver. So I am going to let you order just 10 lbs. What you need to do is add a 10 or 15 lbs of ‘Nib special’ to get your total up to 25 lbs so you can check out – so a quantity of 2 or 3. Notice, it is no charge. We are just getting around the software.

You will notice, there are no individual reviews here. You can go to the individual Cocoa Beans for the reviews.

Finally, these are raw nibs. Where as these are winnowed, nothing is 100%. You may and probably will find small bits of husk, but nothing so bad as you can’t leave them in there.